Sunday March 25 2007

See what is happening to Mortgages and to the Insurance industry and how this affects your property.

According to the Insurance Institute: "One year after Hurricane Katrina, nearly 95 percent of homeowners insurance claims have been settled in Louisiana and Mississippi, insurance companies have paid billions in storm damage claims and the vast majority of homeowners in both states say they are satisfied with their insurance company." Homeowners insurers ultimately will pay more than one million homeowners claims totaling $16.4 billion from Hurricane Katrina. We wonder if people were really happy since much of this was "settled".

New Orleans might be the first city lost to global warming...We have to change how we use energy and the materials we use. We have an article listing more than 21 ways to save energy
that can help reduce energy use and save you some money too.

Speaking of saving money, the government has a lot of programs to help make homes more energy efficient. Federal, State and utilities all have energy rebate programs and tax incentives for home energy upgrades...if you have never looked here then its a must....the savings are real.

Its Your Property

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