The Emergence of a Nationl Listing Service for Home Sales

I just came across the press release regarding a partnership with 1 newspaper companies.

Basically, when a newspaper gets a listing the advertiser will have the option of having that info put on the zillow site. This will give the agent listing much more exposure because zillow has 4 million visitors every month. It will help make the newspaper ad more relevant because the consumer now requires rich media information. I mean we want maps, photos, text and even street views. If a listing has good curb appeal this can only help get some interest. will love this because they get even more data to play with as they find more ways to gather a total experience for the consumer and become the go-to site for everything real estate. When the partnership launches in the first half of 2008, it going to become absolutely necessary to visit the zillow site and be sure to update their information on the property. Remember they guestimate price and value using public records and many of the public records are not all that accurate. In order for viewers to get an instant complete view of the properties value all upgrades must be updated by the owner before the ad is published. We are on our way to having a national listings service....

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