Muni Plans to go to Chinatown

Knitting the City Together
The SF Muni Transportation Board voted unanimously to create a new line that would extend to Chinatown. The plan calls for four brand new stations connecting Chinatown to fourth and king.

The new stations will be:
1. Fourth and King
2. Moscone Center
3. Union Square
4. China town

Much of the new Muni will be underground. This might be the beginning of a plan adopted by many European countries to limit or ban cars from downtown or central areas. Of course, before you do this you have to provide good alternate transportation or you will kill the local business.

Get this: The whole tunnel is less than 2 miles long and the cost is expected to come in at 1.3 billion. By the time it starts in 2010 Im sure that will not be the number.
Im happy that Chinatown gets better integrated into other parts of the city, the shopping district has really suffered since the collapse of the Embarcadero freeway. But North Beach, our colorful bohemia will likely become even more of a financial district appendage. The Washbag just closed. Are we losing our San Francisco character....Im afraid so.

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