San Francisco Carries The Torch: Olympics 2008

We are the only North American city designated to carry the torch for the 2008 Olympics. Want to be the one to pass the torch? Read on.....

Mayor Gavin Newsom invited all North Americans to submit an application to become a torchbearer for the San Francisco leg of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay. Online applications are currently being accepted through the website All applications must be received by February 3.

How to Be the Torch Bearer for the 2008 Olympics

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the Olympic tradition is now eligible to write a 200-word essay, detailing their qualifications to hoist the flame through the streets of San Francisco.

Because San Francisco is the only city in North America to participate in the international torch relay, applicants from all over the continent are eligible to participate. Hurry up San Francisco, we need one of our own to carry the day. Just imagine the fun we could have!

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