Property Management Tip: Rent it Faster

Curb Appeal Applies to Rentals Too

Staging a property for rent or sale is a very important part of how to rent faster and at the higher rental dollar. Paint your home's interior and exterior using neutral colors to maximize its appeal to the largest group of people. Use light colors to make rooms look more spacious. Leave lights on in each room, and leave blinds open to make rooms look brighter and larger
  • Check your windows and screens and make sure they all work.
  • Freshen your home with flowers
  • Move furniture around so that a sense of spaciouness is maximized. Dont crowd or clutter.
  • Clean out your garage, attic and other storage areas
  • Be ready to talk up its features. Create a checklist of the things you like about the house. Use it to "sell" potential tenants. This is classic sales technique,
  • Walk through the house as if you were a renter. Consider the negatives and be ready with answers that overcome its shortcomings.
  • Drive through your neighborhood to get a sense of how much supply is on the market.
  • Call a few rentals in your neighborhood to find a realistic rent range
  • Check to see comparable rents
  • Consider consulting with a professional property manager to determine the right rent range if you still have difficulty.
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