San Francisco Building Code Changes: The Slope Protection Act

Amendments to the San Francisco Building Code
The Slope Protection Act

Do you remember that Telegraph Hill slide about a year ago that loosened tons of rock onto Broadway and made seven buildings uninhabitable? The fix had a large crane on Broadway, suspended over other building to drill the hole for new rebarb and concrete into the exposed rock to stabilize the landslide. Then they had huge steel nettings to move the rock over existing buildings. The city has finally responded to situations like this by amending the building code to establish the Slope Protection Act and create procedures that require the Structural Advisory Committee to review and make recommendations on permit applications that exceeds an average slope of 25% grade.

Its easy to forget we are in earthquake country, in fact it might be part of the survival mechanism that lets us live in a normal way. As all the easily buildable land is probably gone, we appreciate the Board of Supervisors for keeping the most dangerous projects under close scrutiny. This is a good amendment and will probably save lives.

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