San Francisco Housing Markets Looking Shakey

We love San Francisco and understand why this city has such a great reputation. The climate, beauty ans strong job market all help support prices. But still when I see charets like this I have to wonder what's next. In the stock market there is a phrase that defines an asset when its price keeps going up, while less and less people are willing or interested in buying.

Negative Divergence: it simply means a change in the trend from bullish to bearish. When less people play the game or exhibit interest the trend is down. In San Francisco predicting a downturn has been wrong most of the last ten years....still look at these charts.

Price Change in San Francisco Property

Supply Vs. Demand For San Francisco

When price rises and there is little demand, something has to change. Either demand has to pick up or price has to drop to a point where demand supports price. EG; a price point where people are willing to buy. Check out this chart...

** Above the 30 mark the interest for buying is positive and below the 30 mark it is negative.

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