Mid Market Gets New Face

Trinity Plaza Becomes an Upscale Trinity Place

The 360 rent controlled units with parking and small commercial will be replaced by a project large enough in scale to change the very nature of Market at eigth, just opposite the library. You can tell that this area is slated for gentrification by just walking through the civic center. Its a well stocked open air market run by smaller local farms. Truely, a local sourced food choice and its very inexpensive.
Lately, there is a pettition floating around suggesting the city wants to take back this part of civic center to do its own open air market. We have no doubt it will be another organic and beautiful market similar to the Ferry building markets. Vey much in keeping with the new Trinity development. It would certainly beautify the area, but I would like to see the small farmer and their offers of inexpensive, low cost food remain available to the area. This is still a low income area and people do need to eat. We have to be careful as we build out the new San Francisco to continue to provide for all our citizens.

Other than that, I thank the city for preserving the 360 rent controlled units and look foreward to the new development. Trinity Place will look beautiful and here are some of the numbers:

  1. 1,900 new residential units (approximately 1,411,000 gross square feet [gsf] of residential space).
  2. 1,100 studio units and 800 one-bedroom units comprising the residential component of the project.
  3. 360 units would be rent-controlled,
  4. 15 percent of the 1,540 non-rent-controlled units, or 231 units, would be designated as affordable
  5. 60,000 gsf of ground-floor retail space, with street frontages along Market Street, Mission Street, and portions of Eighth Street.
  6. 63,000 square feet (sq. ft.) of open space
  7. 1,450 off-street parking spaces for residential and short-term use in a five-level parking garage.

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