San Francisco Building and Remodel Fees Rise

City Permit and Inspection fees Up By 20-30 Percent

The Board of Supervisors agreed this week to increase fees for almost everything. We read that the fees for hundreds Planning Dept. reviews will take place in 2008-209. This coems as no surprise as cities and municipalities everywhere scramble for funds.

According to Henry Lee of the Chronicle, some of the increases:
1. Bathroom/Kitchen Remodel: The permit will go from $113.55 to $160.00
2. Inspections Per Hour: From $80.00 to $170.00

Need a Permit?

You need to contact the Department of Building Inspection/Central Permit Bureau at (415) 558-6070 for a permit fee estimate.For work not requiring plans such as minor repairs, installing kitchen cabinets, repairing stucco, replacing drywall, and re-roofing are issued over-the-counter. Complicated work requiring plans such as structural additions, expect to be routed to several DBI divisions and possible multiple fees.

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