Hunters Point: Reshapes Itself and San Francisco

Public housing has never been considered a thing of beauty.

But in San Francisco, we have been redesigning public housing to be very functional and livable. Consider Valencia Gardens. Located in the Mission it is a symbol of good design and development. Defensible design features includes private back yards and decks and fenced-in play yards

It replaced 246 dilapidated and blighted public housing units with 260 new mixed income flats and townhouse units with multi-purpose facilities. The revitalization also includes a new ancillary senior housing site with 60 new apartments and a new senior center.

Building on the success of Valencia Gardens San Francisco is looking to re-create the urban blight known as Hunters View. The really interesting part of this story is that the builders want to include things like community areas and retail space to help enliven the community.

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The remake of the project requires that the Supes amend the zoning ordinance to allow mixed use areas such as retail in public housing projects. What could make more sense than to create a community based local business. The local community invests in itself, the city collects taxes, jobs are created and a community is energized.

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