New Real Estate Trends in San Francisco

What do you do with older historic buildings...Well the Ritz Carleton has built eight floors of luxury apartments onto a building that was once the tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi.

690 Market

A new approach to real estate that has been unfolding at 690 and also at Ghiradelli Square has been fractional ownership. Most of these fractional ownership condos are starting at a million and they are targeting or perhaps creating a new demographic. You can buy 1/12 of this beauty at an asking of only $ 279,000. Its a beautiful 2 bedroom 2.5 bath living space.

The developers have found a niche that targets people who want the amenities of a first rate hotel or spa combined with the right to be there in full tenancy, at least part of the year. The buyer has use for a minimum of 21 days use per year, unlimited space-available per diem days, reciprocal use at other RC Club Resorts. Its a hybrid club/condo and has almost sold out. You can have a a RC club or resort experience in the heart of downtown San Francisco with investment potential. Really an interesting idea.

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