Still Solvent After all These Years

Mayor Gavin Newsom today welcomed Moody’s upgraded bond rating for the City and County of San Francisco. According to its most recent ratings, Moody’s upgraded the City’s general obligation bond rating to Aa2 from Aa3 and revised the rating outlook to Stable from Positive. Moody’s also upgraded the City’s various general fund obligations to A1 from A2.

"We are proud that Moody’s has upgraded the City and County of San Francisco’s bond rating," said Mayor Newsom. "This rating is a statement about the strong, fiscal health of San Francisco, but we must remain steadfast in our commitment to financial prudence and sound managerial practices, in order to continue our terrific progress."

According to Moody’s, "Among San Francisco's strengths were an above-average resident socioeconomic profile, a highly diverse and robust revenue base, an exceptionally strong balance sheet at close of fiscal year 2006-2007, and a moderate debt burden with relatively rapid, direct debt retirement.

The ratings agency's upgrade came on the heels of the Mayor’s signing of the city’s $6.5 billion city budget last week, which closed a budget shortfall of $338 million.

This means that we will be able to borrow and fund more programs at less cost. Interresting how San Francisco can do it and the state is busted. This city closed a budget shortfall, I have to hand it to all the reasons why. The mayor, proximity to Berkeley and Stanford and all those Googlers who help keep the bars and restaurants open in times like these.

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