North Beach: Its Official - No New Restaurants

The Board of Supervisors Ban All New North Beach Eateries

I love North Beach and the neighborhhood has changed from one that had local character to one that was losing it. Still, restaurants are local flavor and they provide lots of jobs. I also miss the butcher and the local deli's that no longer can make it, but legislation cant bring them back. They're not there because rents are so high that small business is priced out. This is a city wide problem. Having less restaurant development in North Beach will do nothing to bring back a cobbler. A rent roll back will....but I dont see that happening.

Polk street is often pointed to as a area that has developed a good restaurant and upscale business climate while retaining its older business environment too. Its a better mix, I agree, but its because parts of Polk street havent gone through the high priced real estate boom that North Beach did. Thats the cause and it wont be fixed by banning restaurants. They are the local, living art of San Francisco.

Exceptions: If their was a restaurant in the space a new one can open up in its place, unless its been empty for 18 months. Then it cannot be a new restaurant.

I might point out that Union street has a similar ban and it hasnt brought back the cobbler or the fact its commercial scene has looked healthier in the past.

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