Russian Hill: Greening the Broadway Tunnel

This is a very good project that has been fully supported by the Russian Hill Neighbors Association, a nonprofit neighborhood organization established in 1981 to encourage friendly association among Russian Hill neighbors and merchants andto respond to neighborhood concerns.
Greening the Broadway Tunnel-West was a $660k DPW project. The City awarded us $325k, but the funds were retracted because of major budget cuts. Some of that money has now been restored (see above).

Greening: ($299k) -- planting twenty-eight trees up the sides of Broadway (just outside of and rising with the tunnel retaining walls), four planter trees on the pedestrian bridge, and fourteen trees in the median strip.

Cable Car Square on Hyde Street ($174k) -- A pedestrian pathway will lead from the SE corner of Broadway and Larkin (starting at Helen Wills Park) to an attractive square at the Hyde Street Cable Car stop. The pathway and square would be demarcated by special paving.

Traditional Ornamental Street Lamps ($187k) -- will help demarcate Broadway as an historic, grand boulevard.

Donations can be made through PayPal or sent to RHN at the following address:

Judy Junghans, Treasurer
1819 Polk St. #221
San Francisco, CA 94109
Voice 415-267-0575

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