SF Tenants Catch a Break: Rents Are Finally Dropping maintains an apartment data base that can be used to produce market reports to help you sleuth out market trends and property profile reports.

"For the first time since the dot-com bust, that average rate has actually gone down," said Caroline Latham, owner of RealFacts, adding that rents have climbed between 5 and 10 percent every year in the Bay Area since 2004. "That's a big change, and I think there's a big shift going on.". (Via

San Francisco has certainly led a charmed life, but now it seems that the general economic malaise is even giving this city a cold.

I remember the rental environment during the dot com bust and we are not yet seeing anything like that. Owners and property managers were offering free months rent or gifts to lure renters. Rents dropped everywhere, many parts of the city had 20% vacancy rates Im not sure we will see the kind of vacancy rates or days on market the internet crash delivered.

if we do, well....we have weathered this before.

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