Telegraph Hill: History and Home

Telegraph Hill (elev 275 ft, 83 m) refers to a small hilly district in San Francisco, California. Its main feature is Coit Tower, which stands atop the hill.

WIKI: Originally named Loma Alta ("High Hill") by the Spaniards, the hill was then familiarly known as Goat Hill by the early San Franciscans, and became the neighborhood of choice for many Irish immigrants. From 1825 through 1847. The hill owes its current name to a semaphore, a windmill-like structure erected in September 1849, for the purpose of signaling to the rest of the city the nature of the ships entering the Golden Gate.

There are some parts of San Francisco that define the city. This is certainly one of them. Small homes and cottages cling to the hillside and morph across the landscape creating a truly unique place to be.

The hill boasts of Coit Tower which was put up to commemorate the heroism of the firefighters after the '06 quake and of course the Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

The homes are quite expensive and a little precarious, the steep hillside has had more than one big slide.

A look at the homes shows us that they are generally more expensive (no doubt due to their uniqueness) and are not on the market as often. The community is tight and people seem to know what they have.

Some Stats from Trulia

This chart is the median price of homes on Telegraph Hill Vs. San Francisco

You can see the number of sales is much less than the rest of the city. I think it reflects the tight knit community Telegraph Hill

Take the Coit bus up the hill and spend some time with the free flying flock of Parrots that live on the hill and occupy the tree canopy from Telegraph hill to the waterfront. Take this town trip on a day when you really need a smile...its a boost

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