Reefer Madness!!

San Francisco May Legalize Pot: We Need the Money

Tom Ammiano, supported by Sherrif Hennessey and Betty Yee who is chair of the State Board of Equalization all think that pot is a money maker.

The idea would be to regulate it, just like other alcohol and cigarettes.

According to the Chronicle, an analysis done by the State Board of Equalization concluded that the state could collect an cool 1.3 bilion in new tax revenue. They envision a $50 per ounce tax on retail sales of pot.

This same analysis also concludes that the price would drop by half and consumption would increase by as much as 40%.

Would we be able to smoke pot in bars.....can you imagine the conversations....all the while, munching feverishly on gold fish and salt pretzels. Maybe this one is best left alone.

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