The Remaking of Taylor Street

The Tenderloin

Known to early San Franciscans as St. Ann’s Valley, this once-placid piece of real estate provides us with a fascinating microcosm of urban history as we follow its turbulent passage from quiet respectability to entertainment center to vice-ridden streets,to its present partial reinvention as “Little Saigon”.
The Uptown Tenderloin Historic District Organization

Three blocks of Taylor Street will become an arts district. Taylor, at Ellis, Eddy and Turk will be developed into a community of live- work artists space and community art gallery in an area that has seen tough times.

In New York, SOHO, Tribeca and the lower east side have been rehabbed and new vital neighborhoods were created by a vanguard of city and private agencies with a vision.

Here's Whats Happening in the Tenderloin.

The Gray Area Foundation will offer exhibits, music and a resident-artists program using a grant from the City. It is taking over a vacant 4,000-square-foot building and will an arts gallery, artists' studios and a new-media lab. Adjacent buildings will house arts related stores and the nearby liquor store will be converted into a cafe. What is important here is that neighborhoods be revitalized in ways that wont necessarily displace people. This kind of development is people friendly.

There are some power houses involved in the project and it is already transforming the area near Market and 6th.

The San Francisco Arts Commission is in talks with Shorenstein Hays Nederlander to convert several floors of above the Golden Gate Theater into artists' studios and office space for arts-related nonprofits.

Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development is involved and so is the The North of Market Neighborhood Improvement Corp, involved with bringing the arts to low-income communities.

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