Park Merced: Cutting Edge Plans - Organic Farms, Share Bikes and More

Parkmerced is in for a long term redevelopment that is designed to change our definition of neighborhood living. Its nothing short of a game changing attitude adjustment. Its a long-term project (20-30 years) involving new buildings, community living and public transportation improvements.

Mending The Earth
One Development At a Time

Renew the Watershed Area
Parlmerced Parkmerced is a watershed area draining into Lake Merced, that was developed without consideration of its of its ecological importance. The new development vision is to regenerate the watershed and create a socially sustainable neighborhood. The stream corridor will draw native wildlife back to the lake area. Landscaping will use only native/wildlife friendly plants  to minimize water consumption and to provide food and shelter for wildlife. Rainwater flows will recharge Lake Merced and underground aquifers, including a new stream corridor, ponds and wetlands which will filter rainwater before discharging into Lake Merced.

New Wetlands
The landscape will create a variety of green zones including wetlands, coastal woodlands, and meadows. Parkmerced will become an ecologically sustainable neighborhood where urban and natural systems  are mutually supportive.

Ecologically Smart
The new Parkmerced will include both rental and for-sale housing that will be woven in and about parks, trails, and public spaces to encourage walking and other outdoor activities. Parks and recreation spaces will be set in public open spaces, and neighborhood Commons all Linked into an ecologically connected network.

Organic Farms
Parkmerceds southern edge will house a Community Center offering residents fitness and wellness programs. West of the Community Center, an organic farm, 2- to 3- acres large,  will provide a local food source.  Fruits and vegetables grown will be for sale at the local grocery store and farmer’s markets.

Green Transportation
Share Bicycles
A number of bike share centers will be available throughout Parkmerced. Residents will be able to borrow bicycles to get to work or just for a leisurely ride through the parks and trails.

The M line
Each Parkmerced resident makes about 6 vehicle trips per day.  Parkmerced developers in a city partnership  will reroute the M-Ocean View Muni to make three  stops within the complex. People will be able to walk along fresh streams and trails or use share bicycles to Muni reducing auto use.

Green Buildings Too
Parkmerced will utilize green building envelopes, including  solar, wind and cogeneration facilities , producing some of Parkmerced’s energy.

Collecting rainwater runoff  will help restore the natural water shed that Park Merced is built on.. Even rainwater flowing from rooftops will be collected and returned to the natural water systems that flow to Lake Merced. The annual volume of water for irrigation is expected to decrease from roughly 55 million gallons of potable water per year to just over 30 million gallons of recycled and/or grey water.

Use of low flow toilets, sinks, shower heads, and laundry machines in both new and existing units and the use of recycled and/or grey water, is expected to bring down the individual resident to 38 gallons  per day. Estimates vary, but average usage falls between 575 and 120 gallons per capita. Part of San Franciscos dream to be a leader in how to better live in harmony with everything.  Gotta love this city!

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