First The Clay And Now The Roxie

Roxie Movie Theater SF Ca

The Roxie is the oldest continuously operating movie in San Francisco. The Roxie,  a 300-seat theater in the Mission hosts Bay Area and international film festivals,  indie movies and documentaries. Now the Roxie theater in the Mission is having problems, as is the Clay theater on Fillmore.

In 2005, Roxie was bought by New College of California,in the Mission and  became part of New College's Media Studies Program.  Now the New College is closed and the Roxie is on the brink.

Outside of  the megaplex movie mold, the Roxie is an alternative theater. They show offbeat indie movies, supports local film artists and have added a new film and media school for film makers.

The Roxie supports local artists and have always pushed the boundarys, offering more documentaries than any other theater in the country.  If you havent spent an evening in the Mission lately, this is a great part of town and the restaurants and bars are among the best in the city.  
Photo source: 24th Street
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