San Francisco Transbay Terminal Goes Green

WIKI: San Francisco Transbay Terminal served long distance and transbay buses from SFrancisco north to Marin County, East Bay, and south to San Mateo County. It was located roughly by Mission Street and Howard Street, and east–west by Beale Street and 2nd Street. This is one area that needed some help. The new 4 billion dollar Transbay Transit Center broke ground on August of 2010 and secheduled for completion in August 2017.

Transbay Goes Green
The Terminal project has just recieved $171 million to go ahead and replace the current Transbay blight.It will brings Caltrains into the center of the financial district. It will sport a new 51/2 acre green rooftop urban park an amphitheater for music performances and movie screenings and 2,600 new homes.
San Francisco chose to tear down and rebuild rather than rehabilitate. the center aims to be a cultural force as well — a representative of the West. So while down go the deco columns, it will be replaced by an enviromentally sustainbable, cultural center that will rise to re invigorate the downtown center as a statement of smart, even necessary, urban environment.
A new cultural center on Turk and Eddy, hopefully Twitter relocating to mid market, this city is marching forward and downtown SF is getting better and better

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