South Park San Francisco: Hidden and Very Special

wiki: South Park is a small neighborhood South of Market in San Francisco. It centers on the small, oval-shaped park of the same name, and South Park Street, which encircles the park. The area is bounded by Second, Third, Bryant, and Brannan streets.

Some History
The park originally constructed in 1855 and modeled after a square in London containing seventeenSouth Park San Francisco
 mansions and townhouses around an oval grassy park. Built as an exclusive community it featured the first paved sidewalks in San Francisco. A windmill in the center of the park pumped water for the houses.

Wealthy residents moved to Nob Hill in the late 19th century and the city took over the park in 1897. After the '06 earthquake most of the homes in the area were destroyed and South Park deeclined. The oval park remained unchanged and is still the centerpiece of the neighborhood. 

Internet Media Start Ups
This quaint part of town was rediscovered when the area was populated by the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, South Park is home to many small internet start ups. In fact, it was twitters  first office.

The streets lining the park curve towards it, enveloping it at both ends, creating a nice comfortable feel, sort of like a street hugging a park. The curved line of buildings give off a wondeful feel. Go to South Park, before Muni brings in so much traffic, sip some wine at the South Park cafe and kick back... 
* Flicker photo by Monika Kim 

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