Better Market Street Project: What San Francisco Has In Store For Us

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Jasper O'Farrell established Market Street as the widest street in town, he envisioned a grand boulevard, an arrow straight to the heart of Twin Peaks. The Better Market Steet Project is designed to recapture his vision all these years later.

Market street has been a blight for a long long time. When the freeway came down it opened up the Emarcaderos for development. We have a new Farmers Market and Boulevard, Rincon Center and a host of restaurants and condo development.

Twitter is moving to 1355 Market and that will no doubt help grow out mid Market. Upper Market is seeing new growth and Hayes Valley has helped link the Civic Center cultural centers of the Ballet and Symphony to the new location for the Conservatory of Music just off Vann Ness and Market.

San Francisco is looking transform Market Street from the Embarcaderos to Octavia Street with long term infrastructure improvements to develop a safe sustainable boulevard, a place to stroll, bike and shop. Plans are for a ground-floor redesign of buildings all along Market to create a singular look and feel. A grand boulevard, offering a Market street that will be the signature corridor in San Francisco. Close to the cultural centers of the Civic Center, peppered with new housing and local internet industry leaders... Very Cool.

New Opportunity?
The real question is whether the Better Market Street Project, especially as it focus's on Mid Market and the new Twitter location at 1355 Market will benefit the Tenderloin or the Mission.

Will the Twitter folks (Yelp and Zynga cant be far behind) move to the Tenderloin or the Mission? My bets on the Mission side, its become a hotspot hang out for much of the San Francisco tech industry and new restaurants are popping up all around Mission from 14th up to 24th. I think the lower Mission is a growth opportunity

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