Mortgage Bankers Weekly Survey: Mortgage Applications Decrease

Mortgage Bankers Association for the week of 6/1/2010

Fixed rate mortgages continue to decline this week, with the 30-year loan averaging 4.55% its lowest average this year. The MBAA reports their  Market Composite Index: ( Loan application volume) Decreased 4%. 

heir Refinance Index:  Decreased 5.7% from the previous week on further declines in the interest rate.
However, this isnt helping sell homes.  Mortgage applications decreased 4% from one week earlier, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Associations Weekly Mortgage The MBAA reports their  Purchase Index  decreased 1.2% compared with the previous week

The recent Fed meeting indicates that lower rates will continue as the economic  recovery is unremarkable. Thats Bernakes word for this...unremarkable

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