Energy Savers: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The Savings
These are those florescent twists that actually use as much as 70% less energy than a regular light bulb. PG&E suggests that replacing just one 75 watt bulb can save as much as $13.00 annually.

PG&E Rebates
We understand that PG&E is subsidizing the costs of these new energy savers and the can be found at many hardware stores for less than a dollar. Brownies, on Polk Street has them.
There are rebates to the trade from PG&E. The goal is to completely replace the older bulbs and PG&E is pushing hard. We just wish they would keep it simple.

CFLs contain a very small amount of mercury. No mercury is released when the bulbs are in use. However, CFLs are made of glass tubing and can break.
What Do I Do When They Are Burned Out
Consider them toxic waste as you would batteries or auto oil. You can go to
to check by zip code where your nearest waste disposal is located.
What If It Breaks
Put on a pair of gloves and put the pieces ina bag. Do not throw them into the garbage. PG&E suggests sweeping up the area, but we think that you could spread small amounts of mercury to other parts of the house. Best to wipe them with damp paper towels and dispose of them along with the bulb.

Bulb manufacturers will eventually replace the mercury with a less toxic compound, but for now just follow good safe precautions

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