Is Renting Your Unit a New Skill

Leasing the Unit: Its Pure sales

Many owners are not comfortable with the rental process because they are not comfortable with sales. Getting the lease is pure sales technique. Once you have made the unit rent ready and placed advertising, you are ready to meet and interview prospective tenants.

The Telephone Sale

Many owners will now have to play the role of landlord ans they begin to realize the extent of the real estate downturn. Here is a discussion of some of the basic techniques used to rent your apartment or home faster. The telephone is often your first contact and You need to generate interest on contact. Sales people will tell you that you only have a few seconds to capture someone's interest.

Getting the appointment
The reason a potential renter calls is to find out about the rental. The obvious reason that you are picking up the telephone is to get the viewing appointment. You are not merely providing information. You should have a few goals in mind as you pick up the telephone: try to qualify the caller to see if they are a fit and then create enough interest to get the viewing appointment.

How to Generate Enthusiasm and get the Appointment

Role play: Make believe you are the caller and imagine what the most common questions are. Have a good response that exhibits confidence and enthusiasm. Practice!

Bond: Dont just stick to the facts. You want to draw out the caller. Consider some positive and interesting ways to describe the unit's or neighborhood. Write them done as catchy phrases and be ready to use them.

Know The Caller: In order to generate interest with the caller you must try to have some contact conversation. Find ways to develop common interest. It can be as simple as having been where they are from or sports. Anything, to help create a feeling of friendliness. Become the master of the five minute relationship.

Know Your Unit: This is an important because you need to create interest and should be prepared and enthusiastic. Create kind of interest that makes the caller want to know more and see the unit. This is pure sales technique

Sell Enthusiasm: After you have given the caller the basics ENGAGE them, be ready to be enthusiastic about its good points. Gain real interest and GET that appointment

  1. If your caller is married be excited about the school or community center that offers classes for two year olds etc. Is there a park nearby?
  2. If the caller is single or more upscale be prepared to talk about the restaurants or easy transportation to theater or museums. Create interest.
  3. Is it top floor or is it quiet or does it have good light? Is it near a Gym? Find the EMOTIONAL qualities of your unit
  4. Renters seem to love hardwood floors, light, views, quiet. Emphasize without appearing to sell.

Resources for Owners of Rental Property

  1. Fair Housing
  3. SF rent Board
  4. SFAA
  5. Small Property Owners Institute
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