San Francisco Renters Are Suffering Too

Sticker Shock

San Francisco is the new Manhattan, people coming into the city are telling me that its harder to rent here than New York City. We have almost a perfect storm for renters looking for a place to put their booty.

The weathers great and its beautiful. We have little ability to build up and little land to do it with. Add to that a great economy comprising new media, Bio-Science and all the Google people willing to live here and commute. To complete the recipe for the final ding to affordable housing people who would love to buy are holding back, assuming you can qualify these days. Consequently, more and more people are staying in the rental market

Most new construction is San Francisco has been condo development and some new home development, but not much. The apartment segment has not seen the boom and isnt overbuilt. Too many homes and too few apartments and guess what.

Result: The most expensive Bay Area city to rent in is San Francisco, where the average stood at $2,326, up 14.4 percent from a year ago.
Human Cost: Near impossible to find affordable housing if you are a student or a nurse or an average wage earner, changing the entire human typography of our once diverse city.

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