Mayor Newsom Launches SFGreasecycle

A perfect Idea

Sometimes an idea is conceived that is a total benefit to everyone, even those not involved like it. This is one of those perfectly conceived ideas. The PUC came up with a wonderful idea to provide free fuel for city vehicles, help reduce costs for our restaurants, keep sludge out of our sewers and green the city by reducing emissions.

i wish I knew about htis program last week. We had a sewer back up on a weekend day. The restaurant was going to have to close. It took us one hour to locate a service that could jet stream the sewer main on such short notice. The cost was $568 for the fist two hours and then $175 per hour. This job took three hours and what was the culprit. You guessed it, grease from the restaurant had built up and then backed up.

Worst part of this ordeal was plumber insisted on being paid in cash. All the Roto Rooter services work the same way. Now we have a great answer to this problem.

SFGreasecycle; How it Works

Mayor Gavin Newsom today launched an innovative solution to collect fats, oil and grease (FOG) free of charge from City restaurants and turn them into biofuel for City-owned vehicles. SFGreasecycle is a program that was developed by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) as a sustainable alternative to combat sewer blockages, largely created by grease from restaurant kitchens.

Each year, the SFPUC estimates that 50% of sewer emergency calls are related to backups caused by grease blockages costing their ratepayers $3.5 million a year in repairs. SFGreasecycle program provides an immediate financial benefit to one of San Francisco’s most important economic engines – the restaurant. This is foodie heaven.

For more information or to sign up for the SFPUC’s free restaurant waste oil collection service, please call (415) 695-7366 or visit

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