San Francisco Upper Market Development is Finalized

More Details About the Market Octavia Development

On April 8th, the legislation required to implement the Market Octavia Plan was approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, needing only an additional reading on April 15th and the Mayors sig. Its a done deal, 8 years of negotiation to get this one off the ground.

What Neighborhoods are Impacted
  • The new Octavia Boulevard area
  • Hayes Valley
  • The Castro
  • Duboce Triangle
  • Parts of the Civic Center.
Whats the Plan
  • 6,000 units of new housing concentrated along Octavia Boulevard and the Market/Van Ness intersection.
  • $85 million in funding for infrastructure including new open space, streetscape improvements and transportation improvements.
  • 1,500 additional affordable units and $50 million in new funding sources.
  • Preservation of neighborhood character
  • 900 units of housing and affordable housing along the former Central Freeway right of way.
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