T Line Extension Brings 4th & King to Chinatown in 7 Minutes

T Line Extends & Connects 4th & King to Union Sq, Chinatown and Visitacion Valley

In February an new 1.7 mile extension of the T line will knit together a 1.7-mile Fourth/Stockton alignment and adds a surface station at Fourth and Brannan Streets and extends the tunnels to North Beach.

The Central Subway segment will reduce travel time between the Caltrain station at Fourth Street and King Street to Chinatown from 20 minutes to 7 minutes. This will serve regional transit connections, major tourist destinations, convention facilities and the large number of residents in the corridor who do not have cars. The project has received Federal approval and funding from Congress as well as the state.

The mantra of buy low and sell high gives us some thought to the value of properties located near the new extension. We wonder whether this will ignite values for Chinatown and Visitacion Valley as these areas become commutable to Caltrains, to the Peninsula and parts of North Beach. The Bayview also gets a lift as workers find it easier to commute from outer areas of the city.

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