Proposed: A New Park Merced

Owners Want to Add 5700 Units to Park Merced.

The Pro's
1. Over a 20 year period, new development would take the 115-acre property off the grid using efficient appliances, wind turbines and co-generation techniques to capture heat loss to reduce energy consumption by 60%
2. Slash water consumption by 40% by improved plumbing such as low flow toilets and grey water irrigation to reduce water consumption.
3. Reduce car usage by re-routing and bringing the M line into the community and a Bart shuttle, probably using bio-fuels.
4. Organic Farm: Thats right, a plan for an organic farm in the complex along with bycicle paths and green walking areas connected to SFSU campus.
5. Rent Control: The existing tenants will be moved into new spaces at the same rent rate and rent control would be enforced for existing tenants.

The Con's
Affordability: Open space reduces density and makes for a wonderful life style flys in the face of affordability. For that you need to have density.

*Special thanks for the photo to the western neighborhoods project

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