Affordable & Sustainable Food Prevails in San Francisco

The Heart of the City Farmers Market

Market. Started by Quakers and farmers in the 1980s to serve low-income families, this farmers market is a community hub and one of the few places near the Tenderloin to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. It's run on a shoestring by a nonprofit whose board members are elected by the farmers who sell their produce at the market. And it is about to be taken over by City Hall's Real Estate Division.

Just opposite the plaza that houses the heart of the City affordable fresh food markets, their will be the resserection of city urban gardens that will also help provide fresh sustainable food for all. SF Victory Gardens and Slow Food Nation, this project will not only create a fruit-and-vegetable garden in Civic Center Plaza, it'll create an archipelago of urban agriculture throughout the city, mostly in families' back yards.

I recently recieved an email from the group that runs the Heart of the City. They have won this battle with the city, to the credit of both sides. The operation will have to tighten up its operatons, but the city will not take over as originally planned (at least by the city) and we will not see an upscale high priced food mart in the civic center. Reasonably priced food provided by the small farmer and food vendor and a fair price is as important as the farmers market at the Ferry Building. Once again, thanks to this city, another win win for the people of San Francisco

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