Greening San Francisco: Edible Gardens

Victory Gardens 2008

History: Victory Gardens 2008 is a pilot project funded by the City of San Francisco to support the transition of backyard, front yard, window boxes, rooftops, and unused land into organic food production areas. The SF Victory Garden program builds on the successful Victory Garden programs of WWI and WWII but redefines "Victory" in the pressing context of urban sustainability.

Throughout the country people plowed front yards, lawns, back yards, flower gardens, and vacant lots to grow their own vegetables. Even public land was put to use, from the lawn at San Francisco City Hall to the Boston Commons to portions of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park San Francisco’s victory program became one of the best in the country. There were over 250 garden plots in Golden Gate Park. Every park in the city had gardens and many vacant lots were used for growing vegetables.

Slow food Nation: Has the high goal of creating an era of self-sufficiency using city land and all available land to create edible gardens. One high profile project will be to create an edible garden in the heart of San Francisco’s Civic Center. Planted on the same site as the post-World War II gardens 60 years ago, the Slow Food Nation Victory Garden demonstrates the potential of a local agriculture practices that will promote edible foods that are indigenous to the area, while producing high quality food for those in need. Growing and concentrating on local plant foods is easy on the planet because they require less care and water resources, having adapted to the local environment. The garden will consist of heritage organic vegetables suited to the Bay Area micro climate.

Project Timeline
  • July 1- Groundbreaking
  • July 1 - 11 - Garden Installation
  • July 12 - Community Planting Day
  • July 12 – September 21 - Garden Operation, stay tuned for workshop schedule!
  • August 29 – September 1 - Slow Food Nation, First Harvest
  • September 21 - Community Harvest Day, food donated to those in need
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