Fisherman’s Wharf : Finally an Eco Friendly Plan

Coming Soon......No Longer a Tourist Trap

A plan to be more welcoming to pedestrians and cyclists and less auto-friendly will cost $10 million to improve the world-famous tourist attraction. San Francisco has dedicated about $100,000 for planning and designing, another $10 million has not been secured. The city would apply for federal and state grants to help secure the plans success.

The area generates a lot of cash for the city and the hope is to create a more European feel and keep that cash coming.

Plans call for removing on-street parking and removing one traffic lane to create a bicycle lane and wider sidewalks with benches.

The city plans to host a number of community meetings on the proposed street makeover before developing a final plan next year. if the city is successful it may again draw interest from San Francisco's citizens. We hardly go there as it is...way too unattractive

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