The San Francisco Zoo Conversion

It will become an rescue animal facility if the board of supervisors votes up on it.

Many of you may have already heard that the problems the zoo has had recently will be corrected by changing its mission and its focus. The exception to the rule will be for the breeding of exotic animals such as Lions, Tigers and Gorillas.

I think this is a great idea, i have never liked the idea of caging animals for a lifetime. This is fitting and humane way. Out with the jailer and in with co-existence.

The critics argue that this approach would play havoc with existing grants and donations. Not a frivolous point, since a change in mission would deprive the zoo of at least some of the existing funding that has a different focus than the proposed changes.

I have a friend that is involved in animal husbandry of native species. They raised Navajo sheep, mustangs and wild turkeys and released them back to their native habitats. Peters project is well funded from private sources and I think that the new mission statement could be expanded to include repopulating California with native plant and animal species. I would bet there is great interest in this and that many new sources of funding would become available for a such project.

Tom Ammiano put it best when he said: " I think its incumbent upon the zoo to have a higher calling than the current form its taking".

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