Help With High Water Bills

San Francisco Supervisors will consider a water rate passthrough, which would cover 50% of the recently increased rates. Owners and managers that have installed low flow faucets and shower heads will see a 70% passthrough. Alioto-Pier's proposed legislation will allow rent increases without having to go through a rent board hearing.

These are tough times for any rent increase for many of us, but it encourages water conservation, spurs the installation of water saving devices and provides a mechanism for cost sharing with tenants.

The good news is that owners and tenants can decrease water usage by installing free low flow devices saving millions of gallons of fresh water annually. The Public Utilities Commission has a great offer....

SFPUC Water Conservation Program

The SFPUC offers residential customers free low-flow faucets and shower heads. Installing one faucet aerator and one low-flow shower head can save as on average, 14,000 gallons per year. There is much more here at the SFPUC site

Free Low Flow Faucets and Shower Heads

If you would like to install low flow devices you can contact the SFPUC at (415) 551-4730 to request free water-saving devices, including toilet flappers. If you have an apartment building, they will offer low flows for your entire building. Great way to save on a fixed cost and be green.

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